In an era of outsourcing, global best practice calls upon corporations to develop their value chain partners.

By investing in supplier diversity development, businesses enhance their supply chain, build relationships with the minority business community, and visibly demonstrate their commitment to strengthening diverse businesses. It’s an investment in the future—and critical in light of today’s changing demographics.

Tuck has been helping companies build stronger supply chains for over 35 years.


This success has been made possible in part by generous philanthropic support, which has enabled scores of minority business leaders to attend Tuck’s programs. These alumni immediately apply their learning to help their businesses innovate, grow, and thrive. Here are two ways to get involved:

  • Donate to Tuck’s minority scholarship fund to give individuals the opportunity to participate based on merit and need.
  • Sponsor your own high-potential minority suppliers to attend a Tuck Minority Business Program.

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